Throwback Today Full Movie (2018)

Throwback Today is a 2018 Filipino-language science fiction film directed by Joseph Teoxon and written by Pertree Briñas. It was produced by Go Motion and distributed by Creative Programs. The film stars Carlo Aquino in the titular role.

Throwback Today Plot

Primo, gifted with a good eye for production design, ventures into the working world with a great desire to succeed. Unprepared for the harsh realities of the real world, Primo experienced failure, heartbreak, and regret in a series of unfortunate events.

Life didn’t turn out as he had expected: He wasted away, wallowing in grief, and jumped from one odd job to another for more than a decade. While trying to make ends meet at the peak of his misfortunes, he experiences a technological glitch with his old desktop computer and gets a chance to re-write his life.

Throwback Today Cast

Carlo Aquino, Empress Schuck, Annicka Dolonius, Allan Paule, Benj Manalo, Kat Galang

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