Instalado Full Movie (2017)

Instalado is a 2017 Philippine social science fiction film set in a farming village in the not-so-distant future. Produced by ToFarm, the film is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana with McCoy De Leon, Junjun Quintana, and Francis Magundayao, also starring in the man roles.

It was produced in collaboration with Kalalangan Kamaru (as Kamaru Productions) and Universal Harvester and distributed by the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and Solar Pictures.

Instalado Movie Plot

Victor lives in a time when the dominant form of education is through installation, a process wherein bodies of knowledge can be installed directly into people’s brains using technology owned by big corporations.

However, like many others in the agricultural town of Porac, Victor cannot afford the sky-high cost of installation; which he believes is the key to escape his rural life. To raise money for installation, Victor abandons farming and works as the housekeeper of a wealthy childhood friend who has become extremely successful after undergoing a series of installations.

Instalado Movie Cast

McCoy De Leon, Junjun Quintana, Francis Magundayao, Archi Adamos, Joel Saracho, Barbara Miguel, Liya Sarmiento, Cecile Yumul, Bea Vega, Kiko Matos, Jay Garcia, Angelica Pilapil

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