The Sarah Balabagan Story Full Movie (1997)

The Sarah Balabagan Story is a 1997 actual story film that tells the misfortunes of Sarah Balabagan in her life. It was directed by Joel Lamangan and produced by Vic del Rosario.

The film was supposed to be played by Sarah Balabagan herself, but the Muslims objected because it is against the religion of women to appear in films.

That is why they have chosen another actress to portray Sarah Balabagan in the movie. Vina Morales is assigned to play the role of Sarah, and it did well for the film.

The Sarah Balabagan Story Movie Plot

The film was all about Sarah Balabagan’s unfortunate life. She is raised in a low-income family in Sultan Kudarat. The state of their life forced them to work even at an early age. Sarah has 13 other siblings, and only 6 of them survived. Extreme poverty and lack of a food source is the reason why her other siblings died.

She took a step forward on helping her family by going abroad for work, even if she was just a minor at the age of 14. She lied about her age and signed as a 28 years old Filipino citizen to work from abroad.

She believed that the life waiting for her in Saudi would be sweet and peaceful because of the thought that she will be working for her fellow Muslim people.

But the winds have turned violently against her beliefs. One day her employer tried to rape her and scared her with a knife pointing at her. She fought for her dignity, and her employer dropped the knife where Sarah got it, and without hesitation, she stabbed her employer and was jailed for the case of murder.

The government of Saudi has sentenced her to spend seven years in prison and pay 150,000 dirhams equivalent to $40,000 to the family of her employer. She was also sentenced to be whipped 100 times during her imprisonment.

The government of the Philippines tried their best to help Sarah in her case, and it was successful, but for Sarah, she will carry her scars for all her life.

The Sarah Balabagan Story Movie Cast

Vina Morales, Joel Lamangan, Vic del Rosario jr., Vic Jose, William Leary, Vehnee Saturno, Jess Navarro, Ricardo Lee

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