The Maggie Dela Riva Story Full Movie (1994)

The Maggie Dela Riva Story (God Why Me) is a 1994 biographical crime drama film with Dawn Zulueta in the lead role.

Directed and produced by Carlo J. Caparas together with Vic del Rosario Jr. and Donna Villa (as executive producers), this movie depicts the controversial true story of Philippine actress Maggie Dela Riva’s case that happened in 1967 and her brave fight against influential suspects.

The Maggie Dela Riva Story Movie Plot

Maggie is a beautiful rising star of her generation when one fateful night after her work, she got abducted by four men and took her to a hotel nearby. In that hotel, she was abused by all four of them, who Maggie identified as members of some rich and powerful families in the country.

She was then released the next morning and fortunately was able to go home despite the gruesome and devastating feeling she had. After that tragic incident, Maggie did not hesitate to raise her voice to fight for her rights and find justice for what happened to her.

As the trial proceeded, the four accused were then found guilty and consequently sentenced to death by Judge Lourdes Paredes San Diego.

The Maggie Dela Riva Story Movie Cast

Dawn Zulueta, Ricky Davao, Michael De Mesa, Miguel Rodriguez, John Regala, Tonton, Gutierrez, Boots Anson-Roa, Robert Arevalo, Liza Lorena, Lito Legaspi, Marita Zobel, Laurice Guillen, Philip Gamboa, Ali Sotto, Romeo Peña, Mia Gutierrez, Soraya, Anna Rivera, Tony Mabesa, Don Umali, Paolo Martin, Benjie Felipe, Tony Tacorda, Karen Salas, Karen Zamora, and Maggie Dela Riva herself.

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