The Flor Contemplacion Story Full Movie

The Flor Contemplacion Story Movie stars Superstar Nora Aunor as a Filipino domestic helper accused of killing her fellow domestic helper and employer’s 4-year old son in Singapore and was executed on March 17, 1995.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Joel Lamangan, this critically acclaimed true-to-life story earned numerous awards in the Philippines and abroad.

The Flor Contemplacion Story Movie Plot

The movie starts in February 1995 when Flor Contemplacion (Nora Aunor) was being brought inside a prison cell in Singapore. Back home in San Pablo, Laguna, her family heard over a news radio that she will be executed the following month. Singaporean police arrested Flor for allegedly killing Delia Maga (Amy Austria) and a 4-year old child Maga is taking care of.

A flashback scene shows back in 1989 when Flor returned to the Philippines after working in Singapore for more than two years. Flor confronted her husband Efren (Julio Diaz) for having another woman Neneng (Jacklyn Jose) while she was working abroad. In March 1995, Flor’s children Xandrex (Ian De Leon), Russel (Vina Morales), Joel, and Jon-Jon were allowed to visit their mother in prison.

Later, Flor’s case touched the lives of many Filipinos, and protests were held in the Philippines and Singapore as well, convincing the Philippine government to help save her from execution. The movie also shows the friendship of Flor and Delia in Singapore, but Flor denied being involved in the crime and related her own version of the story.

Below is the complete list of awards won by The Flor Contemplacion Story:

Cairo International Film Festival (1995)

* Princess Pataten Statue for Best Actress (Nora Aunor)
* Golden Pyramid (Joel Lamangan)

Gawad Urian Awards (1996)

* Best Actress (Nora Aunor)
* Best Director (Joel Lamangan)
* Best Supporting Actress (Jacklyn Jose)

Film Academy of the Philippines (Luna Awards)

* Best Picture
* Best Actress (Nora Aunor)
* Best Director (Joel Lamangan)
* Best Supporting Actress (Jacklyn Jose)
* Best Adapted Screenplay (Ricky Lee)
* Best Sound (Ramon Reyes)

Star Awards for Movies

* Best Picture
* Best Actress (Nora Aunor)
* Best Director (Joel Lamangan)
* Best Supporting Actress (Jacklyn Jose)
* Best Movie Theme Song (“Kahit Konting Awa” ~Vehnee Saturno)
* Best Musical Score (Vehnee Saturno)

Young Critics Circle

* Best Actress (Nora Aunor)
* Best Achievement in Cinematography and Visual Design Romeo Vitug and Manny Morfe

The Flor Contemplacion Story Movie Cast

Nora Aunor, Julio Diaz, Jacklyn Jose, Ian De Leon, Vina Morales, Joel Contemplacion (as Himself), Jon-Jon Contemplacion (as Himself), Ali Sotto, Rita Avila, Amy Austria, Charito Solis, Gloria Sevilla, Caridad Sanchez, Ronaldo Valdez, Ara Mina, Kristine Garcia, Bennette Ignacio, and many more.

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