The Cecilia Masagca Story Antipolo Massacre Full Movie (1994)

The Cecilia Masagca Story Antipolo Massacre (Jesus Save Us!) stars Dawn Zulueta and Cesar Montano. This blockbuster true-to-life story film is produced by Viva Films and Golden Lions Films and directed by Carlo J Caparas, and earned FAMAS Best Actor nomination for Cesar Montano and FAMAS Best Actress nomination for Dawn Zulueta.

The Cecilia Masagca Story Antipolo Massacre Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano and Dawn Zulueta portrayed the role of Winifredo Masagca and Cecilia Masagca, respectively. The movie starts with a man hacking a priest using a jungle bolo. Shortly, Winifredo and his friend Joel (Joel Torre) work as construction workers and talk about Winifredo marrying Cecilia. Later, Winifredo and Cecilia got married. One day, his older brother Marcelo was killed by unknown suspects.

Since then, Winifredo stopped going to church and the couple lived in Sitio Kulasisi, Antipolo, where Cecilia gave birth to a baby boy. Later, an evil spirit is allegedly scaring the priests in their area. In December 1993, Winifredo Masagca killed five house visitors using his jungle bolo for no reason. According to him, his jungle bolo is being possessed by an evil spirit. Cecilia decided to escape and brought along their children with her.

The Cecilia Masagca Story Antipolo Massacre Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Dawn Zulueta, Romeo Vasquez, Boots Anson Roa, Robert Arevalo, Joel Torre, Celso Ad Castillo, Richard Bonnin, Liezel Martinez, Perla Bautista, Lito Legaspi, Juan Rodrigo, Susan Africa, Angelica Panganiban, Jojo Acuin, Fred Moro, Danny Riel, Danny Labra, Tony Mabesa, Benjie Felipe, Arthur Cervantes, Ernie David, Elvira Cometa, Reymart Cometa, Karen Zamora, Rey Abad and many more.

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