Quezon’s Game Full Movie (2018)

Directed by British-Jewish director, Matthew Rosen, Quezon’s Game (2018) is a Philippine biographical drama film starring Raymond Bagatsing as the late president of the Philippines, Pres. Manuel L. Quezon.

Janice Perez wrote the original film story idea while Dean Rosen turned it into a screenplay. With a production budget of $500,000, the film is a joint venture production of Star Cinema, iWant, and Kinetek.

Quezon’s Game Movie Plot

The film is a revelation of a hidden chapter in the late Pres. Quezon’s life. Set in 1938, the film revolves around how Quezon, together with a military advisor and then-future US President Dwight Eisenhower, High Commissioner to the Philippines Paul McNutt, and Jewish American businessman Alex Frieder attempted to save 10,000 Jews from Germany and Austria during the Holocaust.

At that time, the Philippines has not received its full independence from America. It is difficult for Quezon and his contemporaries to welcome all the Jews to the Philippines due to a lot of visa restrictions imposed by the US. But in spite of all the hurdles, including Quezon’s suffering from tuberculosis, his administration is able to rescue approximately 1,200 Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany.

The fact that many Jews would still be left behind is one of the major conflicts of the film, entwined with personal struggles from the characters. This central problem led to the beginning and end of the film which is Quezon asking his wife before finally succumbing to tuberculosis, “Could I have done more?”

Quezon’s Game Movie Cast

Raymond Bagatsing, Rachel Alejandro, Kate Alejandrino, David Bianco, James Paoleli, Jennifer Blair-Bianco, Audie Gemora, Billy Ray Gallion, Tony Ahn, Miguel Faustmann, and Natalia Moon

Quezon’s Game Full Trailer

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