Lucio Margallo Full Movie (1992)

Lucio Margallo Movie is the biopic of Police Senior Inspector Lucio Margallo, starring Phillip Salvador in the title role.

Produced by Moviestars Productions and directed by Augusto Salvador, this action-packed Phillip Salvador film earned him a FAMAS Best Actor nomination and a FAP Best Editing Award for Augusto Salvador.

Lucio Margallo Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Lucio Margallo was still a sergeant at the Western Police District (WPD). Here, he fought against petty thieves, abusive husbands, and corrupt policemen who extort money from street vendors and protectors of a huge drug syndicate under the leadership of Alexander Sarmiento (Miguel Rodriguez).

Later, a teenage son of a street vendor Ka Andeng (Odette Khan) was found dead after he was tortured and killed by corrupt policemen. As revenge, she killed two of them and she was sent to jail. But because Margallo knows her story, he promised to help her. However, this will be the start of his tougher fight against the syndicate.

Lucio Margallo Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Miguel Rodriguez, Tirso Cruz III, Jean Garcia, Odette Khan, Dencio Padilla, Paquito Diaz, Edwin Reyes, Zandro Zamora, Johnny Vicar Johnny Vicar, Max Laurel, Eric Francisco, Bunny Paras, Karen Salas, Fred Moro, Bernard Atienza, Renato Del Prado, Janus del Prado, Manjo del Mundo, King Gutierrez, Polly Cadsawan, Rene Hawkins, Joey Padilla, Bernard Fabiosa, Mike Magat, Dan Fernandez, and many more.

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