Lagalag The Eddie Fernandez Story Full Movie (1994)

Lagalag The Eddie Fernandez Story is an action movie starring Rudy Fernandez as the late Eddie Fernandez, a former action star and the father of Concert Queen Pops Fernandez. Produced by Star Cinema and MegaVision Films and directed by Romy Suzara, this blockbuster film also highlights the controversial death of Eddie Fernandez.

Lagalag The Eddie Fernandez Story Movie Summary

At the start of the movie, Eddie Fernandez was discovered by a movie director in the early 60s and became an action star under Premiere Productions.

He then starred in several movies, including ‘Lagalag’ in 1964, and later met actress Dulce Lukban (Dawn Zulueta). The two got married and had children, including Pops Fernandez (Claudine Barretto).

Later, Fernandez met a businessman named Renato Pangilinan, a friend of then-actress Rosanna Ortiz. But in 1969, Fernandez allegedly opened fire on the vehicle of Pangilinan, Ortiz, and others. Pangilinan was killed, and Fernandez and his friends including Berting Labra (Willie Revillame) were jailed for 13 years. In 1982, Fernandez was released and tried to make a comeback in the movies.

But in the process, Fernandez was allegedly involved in illegal drugs and was included in the watch list of the police anti-narcotics unit. Sometime in 1993, he was killed in a shootout after a brief chase with members of NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and the anti-narcotics unit of the PNP.

Lagalag The Eddie Fernandez Story Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Dawn Zulueta, Rosa Rosal, Claudine Barretto, Tirso Cruz III, Gabby Concepcion, Jess Lapid Jr, Willie Revillame, Philip Gamboa, Andy Poe, Dick Israel, Eula Valdez, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Jean Garcia, Patricia Javier, Romy Diaz, Atoy Co, Renato del Prado, Zandro Zamora, Manjo del Mundo, Lucita Soriano, and many more.

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