Kid Kulafu Full Movie (2015)

Kid Kulafu is a 2015 sports biographical film about the early life of eighth-division world boxing champion, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao. Directed by Paul Soriano, the film stars Robert “Buboy” Villar as the young boxer and Alessandra de Rossi as Dionisia Pacquiao.

Cesar Montano is also in the movie as Sardo Mejia, the uncle who introduced Manny to boxing. The film is co-produced by Star Cinema and Ten17P.

Kid Kulafu Movie Plot

Buboy Villar plays the young Manny Pacquiao in this movie that chronicles the early years of the boxing champion. Born into a poor family in the province of General Santos in the Philippines, Manny is the fourth of six siblings.  His parents, Rosalio Pacquiao (Alex Medina) and Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao (Alessandra de Rossi) separated when Manny was still in grade school.

Dionisia struggled to make ends meet and would sometimes ask the help of her cousin Sardo Mejia (Cesar Montano) to help provide for the family. Tio Sardo was obsessed with boxing and was the one who introduced Manny to it after Manny dropped out of high school due to poverty. Tio Sardo was also the one who gave his first fighting alias, “Kid Kulafu.”

After he dropped out of high school, Manny joined open-for-all boxing matches in his hometown. He discovered his natural gift for it and soon set out from his hometown to the capital city of Manila in search of bigger opportunities and better-paying fights. He took on odd jobs and boxed on the side. He trained zealously to pursue his passion of becoming a champion.

Kid Kulafu Movie Cast

Robert Villar, Alessandra de Rossi, Cesar Montano, Khalil Ramos, Jay Manalo, Jake Macapagal, Jomari Angeles, Igi Boy Flores, Kokoy De Santos, Jomari Angeles, Alex Medina, Amante Pulido, Iris Sanchez, Nino Jobert Bayungan, Patrick Carrera, Efren Reyes and many more

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