Kapitan Pablo Full Movie (1987)

Kapitan Pablo is a 1987 Filipino biographical crime film that explores the discourse of extrajudicial killing starring Ramon Revilla Sr (father of Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr).

Produced by Ramon Bautista and directed by Jose Carreon, the film materializes a nonfictional slice of Pablo Sarno’s life who was then a barangay captain turned
vigilante in Cavite.

Kapitan Pablo Movie Plot

Ramon Revilla Sr plays Pablo Sarno, fulfilling a touch of suave upon a reputable community figure. The film opens with a mass funeral scene wherein the townspeople are delivering their dead through a mourning procession, highlighting a seemingly agitated Pablo.

His family has been victimized by a home invasion of masked gangsters and Pablo is suffering mental trauma from a headshot after the incident. Marina (Dang Cecilio), his faithful admirer, and her young daughter assisted him through his recovery, but they have observed that Pablo is increasingly losing his grip.

Later, Pablo used his mental instability to cover up for his nightly persona as a vigilante, in high hopes that he would soon kill the ones responsible for his family’s death by executing random criminals in the street.

Word has spread throughout the town about the Black Ribbon Vigilante forcing him to speed up his vengeance before the police could catch him. When he found out about the group of suspects, he led them to their demise and continued disguising himself as a madman to escape

Kapitan Pablo Movie Cast

Ramon Revilla Sr, Dang Cecilio, Marissa Delgado, Rose Ann Gonzales, Raul Aragon, Ruel Vernal, Conrad Poe, Rez Cortez, King Gutierrez, Miniong Alvarez, Rago Apollo, Joseph de Cordova, Pons De Guzman, Jorge Estregan, Mon Godiz, and many more

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