Hermano Puli Full Movie (2016)

Hermano Puli (Ang Hapis at Himagsik ni Apolinario Dela Cruz), The Agony and Fury of Hermano Puli, is a 2016 Philippine biographical and historical film written by Enrique Ramos and directed by Gil Portes.

The film stars Aljur Abrenica, Allen Abrenica, and Vin Abrenica. It was produced and distributed by T-Rex Entertainment.

Hermano Puli Storyline

Apolinario dela Cruz, known as Hermano Puli, was shot and quartered on November 4,1841-three decades before the execution of the GOMBURZA.

Among all of the Filipino heroes, Hermano Puli stands alone for leading the only revolt against the Spanish colonial government in the name of religious freedom. This film sheds light on one of the most fascinating, yet almost forgotten, figures in Philippine History.

Hermano Puli Cast

Aljur Abrenica, Allen Abrenica, Vin Abrenica, Archi Adamos, Bernard Carritero, Stella CaƱete, Menggie Cobarrubias, Louise de los Reyes, Abel Estanislao, Simon Ibarra

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