Felix Manalo Full Movie (2015)

Felix Manalo is a movie released in 2015 based on the life of Felix Ysagun Manalo, the first Executive Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

Produced by Viva Films and Directed by Joel Lamangan, this 175-minute film won Best Picture in the 2016 Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards otherwise known as the FAMAS.

Felix Manalo Plot

In the movie, Dennis Trillo plays the character of Felix Manalo. He was raised as a Catholic and was even on the path of becoming a priest. However, he had some falling out with the Catholic Church and began to question some of its teachings.

During the American colonization of the Philippines, Felix then began to study several Protestant sects, but he was not satisfied with all of these. He secluded himself in a room for three days and three nights with religious literature wherein he claimed found out the meaning of true religion.

He then decided to start his own ministry which is now known as the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Expansion followed as several congregations were built in the provinces. Iglesia Ni Cristo members grew bigger and bigger as years go by, with its members recognizing Felix Manalo’s leadership and spiritual guidance.

He spent the rest of his life serving the church he painstakingly built until his death at the age of 76. His son Eraño assumed the leadership role of the church upon his death.

Felix Manalo Cast

Dennis Trillo, Bela Padilla, Mylene Dizon, Rey “PJ” Abellana, Bobby Andrews, Raymond Bagatsing, Roxanne Barcelo, Gabby Concepcion, Mon Confiado, Sheryl Cruz, Joem Bascom, Ricardo Cepeda, Alice Dixon, Dexter Doria, Ryan Eigenman, Heart Evangelista, Jaime Fabregasm Ejay Falcon, Eddie Gutierrez, Jaclyn Jose, Arci Muñoz, Elizabeth Oropesa, Richard Quan, Gladys Reyes, Christopher Roxas, Phillip Salvador, Bembol Roco and many more.

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