Father Conrado Balweg Full Movie (1987)

Balweg Movie is based on the true-to-life story of Father Conrado Balweg, the rebel priest.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Tikoy Aguiluz and Butch Perez, this historical movie earned FAMAS nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor (Phillip Salvador) and Best Supporting Actor (Johnny Delgado), with Ipe eventually winning the FAP Best Actor award and FAP Best Original Screenplay for Amado Lacuesta.

Balweg Movie Plot

The movie starts back in 1974 when Fr. Balweg (Phillip Salvador) was about to cross the Abra River via a makeshift roro but a group of soldiers wanted to be the first. Shortly, some engineers arrived in a nearby town and surveyed the area.

Later, the engineers told the tribes that the government wants to buy their land but the tribes disagreed.

One night, a group of soldiers fired guns at the local church but no one was hurt. According to Balweg, the incident is an act of terrorism and is also happening in other areas in the Cordillera region. One day, NPA leader Ka Jorge (Johnny Delgado) visited him in the church and invited him to join them but he refused.

But then, the developer used his power to grab their lands that causing some lives of the tribes. Realizing the necessity, Fr. Balweg decided to accept Ka Jorge’s invitation and joined the NPA in 1979 and used the nickname Ka Ambo, and married Ka Azon (Rio Locsin). But along the process, he had a disagreement with Ka Jorge and decided to form his own group, the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army (CPLA).


Fr Conrado Balweg was shot dead on December 31, 1999, while he was on vacation in their family house in Malibong, Abra. Initial reports said that the killer was his brother Jovencio. But after a thorough investigation in 2000, the real killers were identified as NPA members Procorpio Tauro alias Pyro and a certain Ka Lito.

Balweg Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Rio Locsin, Johnny Delgado, Tetchie Agbayani, Pinky Amador, Fr Conrado Balweg (as himself), Ernie David, Mon Godiz, Rene Hawkins, Eddie Infante, Baldo Marro, Bebong Osorio, Jose Romulo, Ding Salvador, and many more.

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