El Presidente Full Movie (2012)

El Presidente is a 2012 Filipino historical biopic film about the life of General Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, highlighting how he became the first president of the Philippines, played by Jeorge “E. R” Ejercito Estregan. This is written and directed by Mark Meily.

The other remarkable actor and actresses in the movie are Nora Aunor, Cesar Montano, Christopher de Leon, and Christine Reyes.

El Presidente Movie Plot

General Emilio Aguinaldo played by Jeorge “E. R” Estregan is the Mayor of Cavite El Viejo and later leads Cavite chapter Magdalo and Magdiwang.

After gaining Cavite and several provinces, they create a provisional government and Aguinaldo is elected as President but Supremo Andres Bonifacio, the leader of Katipunan, played by Cesar Montano nullified it, thus creating a divide within the group. Manila has fallen and resources ran out, Aguinaldo signed the armistice in exchange for money and flew to Hong Kong with his council.

He made a deal to Americans to fight against the Spaniards and proclaim the country’s independence.
Yet, after the war and proclamation of Philippine independence, the American colonization started which last longer.

The Katipunan fought against Americans but failed. Thereafter, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo remarried and stayed as a private civilian until President Diosdado Macapagal adapted the true date of the declaration of the Republic of the Philippines.

El Presidente Movie Cast

Jeorge “E.R.” Ejercito Estregan as General Emilio Aguinaldo Nora Aunor as Maria Agoncillo Christopher de Leon as General Antonio Luna Cesar Montano as Andrés Bonifacio Cristine Reyes as Hilaria Aguinaldo Alicia Meyer as Motherland Ronnie Lazaro as General. Candido Tirona Bayani Agbayani as General Baldomero Aguinaldo Gerard Ejercito as General Crispulo Aguinaldo Allan Paule as General Tomas Mascardo Emilio Garcia as General Pio del Pilar Wendell Ramos as General Mariano NorielJohn Arcilla as General Mariano TríasMike Lloren as Vicente Riego de DiosIan de Leon as Captain Artemio RicarteFelix Roco as General Gregorio del PilarDindo Arroyo as General Macario SakayRicardo Cepeda as Col. Lucio de VegaLorenzo Mara as Dr. Dominador GomezCarlos Morales as General Leon Villafuerte Alireza Libre as General Edilberto Evangelista Richard Manabat as Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista Jericho Ejercito as young Emilio Aguinaldo Gary Estrada as Commander Jose Tagle Allen Dizon as Commander Simeón Villa Will Devaughn as Commander Agapito Bonzon and Many more.

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