You Have Arrived Full Movie (2019)

You Have Arrived is a Filipino thriller/suspense film released in October of 2019, and an iWantv original movie directed by Shugo Praico.

The lead roles were played by Elisse Joson, Barbie Imperial, and Arielle Roces who played like best friends. The story is written by Philip King and Shugo Praico and produced by Kriz G. Gazmen.

You Have Arrived Movie Plot

In the movie, Arianne (Played by Elisse Joson), Dani (Played by Barbie Imperial), and Flo (Played by Arielle Roces were high school best friends. They were brought together because they were bullied when they were younger. In the present time, the three ladies are social media influencers.

They go to parties and make vlogs for their followers but an unfortunate event happened to Arianne when an unfavorable video of her leaked on social media, Arianne was bashed by netizens because of that video, and in return, Arianne lost her followers.

Arianne was pissed by her friends because the video was taken by Dani and uploaded by Flo.

Their friendship was put to a halt. In search of how to get back her followers, Arianne met Chloe who is a talent coordinator and receives an invitation to a party of social influencers and models.

Wanting to gain back her followers, Arianne patch things up with Dani and Flo, altogether, they joined the party. Little they didn’t know that danger lies in there.

You Have Arrived Movie Cast

Ellisse Joson, Barbie Imperial, Arielle Roces, Teejay Marquez, Gem Ramos, Jonathan Tadioan, Stephanie Tan, Princess Leanne Lerio, Maribel Rico, Elena Tkacheva, Chijoke Chamara, Christopher Ruiz, Casper Alkabri, Yassin Ouahlim, Ashley Sarmiento, Bea Basa, Kazumi Porquez, Cessa Moncera, Hannah Lopez Vito and Many more.

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