Watch List Full Movie (2019)

Watch List is a 2019 Filipino crime thriller movie directed by Ben Rekhi and produced by Erik Matti.

A mother (Maria) of three kids is forced to deal with the dark and underworld side of the cops and drug barons after her husband (Arturo), is killed in an extrajudicial killing. Portraying the depths a mother can go to protect her children.

Watch List Plot

One of the campaign promises of the president (Rodrigo Duterte) was to deal with those involved in the drug trade, putting them behind bars or even six fits under for that case. The government offers a rehabilitation program to those who willingly surrender as drug addicts.

Maria and Arturo being reformed addicts join in and their names are added to the watch list of the suspected users so as to get help from the government, and due to fear of ramifications if they don’t. After some days Arturo is found dead in the streets, with a sign hanging on his neck “I’m a pusher; don’t be like me.”

Maria is desperate and disappointed as the police have no leads on whoever did it. She is left to feed and protect her three kids as their savings dwindle. Fearing she might be next and unable to secure a job she becomes a police informant in exchange for protection. Unfortunately, the leading investigator has other plans for her in-store, which will measure the limits Maria is willing to go to protect her family.

Watch List Cast

Arthur Acuña, Alessandra de Rossi, Jake Macapagal, Nate Bolotin, Brenda Gilbert, Erik Matta, Ronald Stephen Monteverde, Anjay Nagpal, Nick Spicer

Watch List Full Movie

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