Tenement 66 Full Movie (2021)

Tenement 66 is a Filipino-language thriller film written by Jericho Aguado, Kenneth Lim Dagatan, and Rae Red, and directed by the latter. It stars Francis Magundayao, Francine Diaz, and Noel Comia Jr.. The film was produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and Epic Media and was distributed exclusively by iWant TFC.

Tenement 66 Movie Plot

Tenement 66 follows Teban (Francis Magundayo) a young man who just got bailed out of prison. He, along with his older brother Tony and cousin Ron-ron (Noel Comia Jr.) move into the titular residential building. Teban isn’t looking to get back to a life of crime.

He wants to help his older brother make some money and pay off their debt by getting a job. One day, Tony gets involved in an accident which leaves Teban with expensive medical bills.

He then meets a young woman named Lea (Francine Diaz), his neighbor who asks him to help her rob their neighbor, Old Man Nando (Lou Veloso). She tells him that she saw him steal a large sum of money and that they should steal it back and split it amongst themselves.

At first, Teban refuses, but with mounting debt and bills to pay, he agrees and Ron-ron reluctantly comes along. But their heist soon becomes their biggest nightmare when they get caught, are held hostage, and realize that their neighbors are holding some dark and twisted secrets.

Tenement 66 Movie Cast

Francis Magundayao, Francine Diaz, Noel Comia Jr., Lou Veloso, Topper Fabregas, Jess Mendoza, Lehner Mendoza, Ross Pesigan, Raffy Tejada

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