Sundo Full Movie (2009)

Sundo movie is a horror suspense thriller film by Robin Padilla. Produced by GMA Films and directed by Topel Lee, this Robin Padilla movie is based on the Filipino superstition that if someone is about to die sees his family members or relatives who were already dead and that someone from the dead will fetch us when our time comes.

Sundo Movie Plot

In this movie, Robin Padilla plays Romano, a retired military operative who was seriously wounded during a battle and almost died.

He later discovered that he has a third eye, and can see ghosts around people who will soon be killed tragically. Romano has a blind sister Isabel (Rhian Ramos) who wants him to go back to Manila.

On the other hand, Louella (Sunshine Dizon) is Romano’s childhood friend and a doctor. However, their parents had conflicts in the past. After she reconciled with Romano, she offered help for the possible treatment for Isabel.

But on their to Manila, three people rode along with them in the van. Shortly, Romano started seeing ghosts surrounding the vehicle, and the people later died mysteriously.

Sundo Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Sunshine Dizon, Katrina Halili, Rhian Ramos, Hero Angeles, Mark Bautista, Glydel Mercado, Rina Reyes, Luz Fernandez, Estrella Kuenzler, Mely Tagasa, Odette Khan, and the special participation of Jacklyn Jose and Iza Calzado.

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