Riding in Tandem Full Movie

Riding in Tandem Movie stars Jason Abalos and Khalil Ramos as assassins riding a motorcycle, which are common criminals these days.

Riding in TandemProduced by Cinebro and distributed by Star Cinema and directed by Toto Natividad, this Pinoy indie action drama movie is shown at Cine Lokal of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

Riding in Tandem Movie Plot Summary

In this very relevant movie, Jason Abalos plays Miguel Medrano, a former soldier who became a hired killer and has a wife Wena.

In one of his missions with his partner, cops ran after them and although he was able to escape, his partner was killed. But shortly, Miguel was arrested inside their house. On the other hand, Khalil Ramos plays Jonard Lucero, a young tricycle driver who has a girlfriend Ganda (Mara Lopez).

Jonard also has an older sister (Sue Prado) who was killed inside their house after she planned to expose the wrongdoing of her boss (Alvin Anson) at her work. He later planned revenge, but he failed and was arrested and was jailed in the same prison as Miguel.

They became friends and shortly, Miguel was released from jail and became a hired killer again. When Jonard was released, he became Miguel’s partner riding in tandem.

Riding in Tandem Movie Cast

Jason Abalos, Khalil Ramos, Joem Bascon, Niña Dolino, Sue Prado, Dido Dela Paz, Mara Lopez, with the special participation of Victor Neri.

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