Pugoy Hostage: Davao Full Movie (1992)

Pugoy Hostage: Davao is a 1992 action movie based on a true story that happened in 1989. Felipe Pugoy and others instigated a hostage crisis in a Davao City prison that led to 21 deaths (5 hostages and 16 inmates, including Pugoy) in 1989.

Among them was a visiting Australian female missionary with the evangelical Joyful Assembly of God who was raped and massacred. The movie was directed and written by Francis Posadas.

Pugoy Hostage: Davao Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Felipe Pugoy (Ian Veneracion) had a head concussion from a fight in Mactan Market. Because of this, he develops an anger management issue is prone to depression. Knowing that his son has anger management issues, his father suggested that he go to Bicol with his uncle to be relaxed and to heal. In Bicol, he met his lover Saling who already replaced Pugoy with another man.

This made Pugoy angry but then reconciled. Saling’s dad found out what happens between them and insisted on them to get married. On the day of the marriage, Saling’s didn’t show up and eloped with her boyfriend. Since then Pugoy always start fights because and was sent to prison once. He met Lumina and fall in love with her. Pugoy started a fight with Lumina’s boyfriend, Douglas, and escaped. Douglas plans to kill Pugoy

Douglas was killed by Pugoy. Pugoy was sentenced to 20-35 prison years. Pugoy got into a fight inside the prison and Lumina gave birth to a child she then named Bryan. Pugoy was transferred to Davao and has an additional 20 years to his current sentence. Pugoy and his new friends escaped but were caught. They initiated the hostage of visiting missionaries of evangelical Joyful Assembly of God.

President Rodrigo Duterte was a Mayor of Davao back then and handled the hostage-taking scenario. Felipe and the others are brought to rehabilitation and were baptized. He also fell in love with Sheila, one of the missionaries. For the second time, a hostage-taking happened. They raped and killed an Australian female missionary. This time, Mayor Duterte planned on killing Felipe and his friends to stop them for good.

Pugoy Hostage: Davao Movie Cast

Ian Veneracion, Lani Oteyza, Marielle Salvador, Jenny Roa, Perla Bautista, Brando Legaspi, Banjo Romero, Rando Almanzor, Juan Rodrigo, Patrick Dela Rosa, Dick Israel, Roy Alvarez, Mark Gil, Lito Legaspi and many more.

Pugoy Hostage: Davao Full Movie

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