Nuuk Full Movie (2019)

Nuuk is a 2019 chilling Filipino psychological thriller filmed in Greenland. It reunites Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson who last had their movie together in the late 80s.

Produced by Mavx Productions and directed by Veronica Velasco, Nuuk opened the fifth edition of the five-day Danish Film Festival at Shangri-La’s Red Carpet Theater.

Nuuk Movie Plot

In the cold and snow-filled city of Nuuk, Greenland, widower Elaisa Svendsen (Alice Dixson) is going through emotional turmoil. Making things worse is her promiscuous and alcoholic son Karl (Ujarneq Fleischer). Elaisa takes warmth and comfort from a dose of Prozac and a glass of alcohol.

One day, Elaisa badly needs to take her dose. But the pharmacy refuses to dispense her the pill. Fortunately, Elaisa meets Mark (Aga Muhlach), who is carrying with him a bottle of Prozac. She asks him for a pill or two, but Mark tells her there is a better alternative to Prozac.

They exchange phone numbers, become friends, and soon after go out on dates. Mark now provides Elaisa a warm and cozy feeling that she only gets from Prozac. Elaisa becomes attached to Mark. For some reason, Mark mysteriously disappears worrying Elaisa. He later resurfaces just as mysteriously as he disappeared.

Nuuk, Greenland is not only a very cold place but is also a place where suicide is not uncommon. Unbeknownst to Elaisa, Mark is fixated on avenging the death of her daughter Tessa (Elaine Yu). Mark believes Elaisa’s son Karl is the reason why his daughter Tessa killed herself.

Nuuk Movie Cast

Aga Muhlach, Alice Dixson, Mikkel R. Sørensen, Elaine Yu, Ujarneq Fleischer

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