Molata Full Movie (1999)

Molata is a 1999 Filipino drama and crime-thriller film written and directed by Francis Posadas under ATB-4 Films production. it was distributed by Viva Films.

Like all Aya Medel movies, “Molata” is an excuse for the filmmakers to film the voluptuous star in a glorious, nude state.

Molata Movie Plot

The story, which revolves around a village girl who seeks revenge against those who murdered her parents, is nothing spectacular.
What will have all-male viewers glued to the screen, however, is Medel’s shapely body. She definitely looks HOT in this film.

Undoubtedly, she is one of the most gorgeous starlets in the Philippines, way off hotter than Joyce Jimenez. If you’re only interested in seeing Miss Medel in all her nude splendor, then this movie is for you. Otherwise, I recommend you watch something else.

Molata Movie Cast

Aya Medel, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, Nick Alladin, Jessie Delgado, Allen Dizon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Aira Luna, Pia Paula, Johnny Vicar

Watch Molata Full Movie

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