Mga Mata Sa Dilim Full Movie (2019)

Mga Mata Sa Dilim (2019) is a Filipino action thriller film that can punch an adrenaline jolt with its action-packed storyline. It is one of Cinebro’s biggest offerings in 2019 and marks its foray into producing digital for the first time.

Based on the popular novel “Mga Mata Sa Dilim” by Camilla of Precious Hearts Romances and directed by Enzo Williams, the movie has stars Joko Diaz, Jessy Mendiola, and Derek Ramsay portraying the roles of Juancho, Sui, and Borgy.

Mga Mata Sa Dilim Movie Plot

The main three characters in the movie are Juancho (Joko Diaz), a powerful businessman, Sui (Jessy Mendiola), the beautiful mistress of Juancho, and Borgy (Derek Ramsay) a bodyguard who is an undercover agent.

The action-packed movie is highly engaging with the intertwining of the lives of the three key characters due to a drug cartel business and a mission targeted to topple their operators.

The menacing and ruthless Juancho ships Sui to a secure, remote island as he gets into a dangerous feud with a syndicate competitor. Sui meets Borgy, the mysterious bodyguard, on the island, and their frequent interaction developed into a romantic attraction. Juancho with the help of high-tech secret cameras installed on the island, discover the regular meeting of Sui and Borgy.

Sui faces an ultimatum and needs to choose between Borgy and Juancho, and Borgy is left with a deep dilemma between his love for Sui and the responsibility of the duty. Sui and Borgy need to find ways before Juancho finds them and inflicts punishment.

Mga Mata Sa Dilim Movie Cast

Jessy Mendiola, Derek Ramsay, Joko Diaz, King Gutierrez, Harold Baldonado, Lui Manansala, Mary Joy Apostol, Ara Altamira, Lourdes Serrano, Darlene Angeles, Eddie Ngo, Gerald Ejercito, Ube Lola, Marlon Marcia, Jerry Olaer, Cesar Acol, Rey Comia, Henry De Guia, Walter Salvador, Leo Escalante, Vic Gaimion, Glenn B. Huerto, John Michael Benzon, Diego Romero, Jojo Dagunoy, Raffy Delaraga, Loren Orcasitas, Janine Ellis, Ken William, Jay Anthony Bona, Maureen Marcelo, Maria Stefania Vivo

Mga Mata Sa Dilim Full Trailer

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