Lamentasyon Full Movie (2021)

Lamentasyon’ is a 2021 Filipino psychological thriller film directed by Chino Pereira. The film stars OFWs and highlights the struggles of Filipinos working abroad.

A full-length psychological thriller, done in the mold of the late Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and starring by an all-Filipino cast, has met a resounding success here, raising possibilities of a re-run at the theaters with plans for entry into international film festivals. It was produced under Upnext Studio / People on the Go films productions and distributed online by ABS-CBN.

Lamentasyon Plot

Lamentasyon (Filipino vernacular for lamentation), focuses on and raises awareness about mental health concerns among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), who work thousands of miles away from their comfort zones and have to deal with the challenges it presents on a daily basis.

Issues that OFWs could relate to watching the movie include the notion among relatives back home that those working abroad are living the life; as well as that of incessant requests for money from loved ones in the Philippines who are quick to disown once turned down.

Lamentasyon Cast

Jiro Tejero, Arnold Briones, Vhie Laurilla, Mariah Jewel Pencil

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