Kinsenas, Katapusan Full Movie (2022)

Kinsenas, Katapusan is a 2022 Philippine thriller film written and directed by G.B. Sampedro.

The film is about a man who falls for his daughter’s classmate and they get entangled in a steamy affair. When their sexual desire becomes an obsession, things turn crazy.

The movie stars Joko Diaz, Ayanna Misola, and Jamilla Obispo in the leading role. It was produced under Viva Films and released exclusively on Vivamax.

Kinsenas, Katapusan Plot

Conrado (Diaz) is a successful businessman and a family man, with a loving wife and a beautiful young daughter. He meets Beth (Misola) online, a young girl with a dark past. And what Conrad thought to be harmless video calls with Beth, turned into real-life rendezvous. Conrad keeps his affair with Beth a secret from his family until Beth visits their house and he finds out that she is his daughter’s friend.

Now, not only his life but also his family may be in danger as Conrad discovers the scary truth behind Beth’s past.

Kinsenas, Katapusan Cast

Joko Diaz, Ayanna Misola, Jamilla Obispo, Janelle Lazo Tee, Angela Morena, Carlene Aguilar, Kier Legaspi, Jao Mapa, Jeric Raval, Madeleine Red, Marissa Sanchez

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