Jacqueline Comes Home Full Movie (2018)

Jacqueline comes home is a 2018 Filipino movie based on the groundbreaking crime event that took place in 1997 in Cebu known as the Chiong Murder case. In which incident two sisters Jacqueline and Marijoy were kidnaped, abused, and murdered.

Lead roles were played by Meg Imperial, Donnalyn Bartolome, Joel Torre, Alma Moreno, and Ryan Eigenmann. The film was directed by Ysabelle Peach Caparas, daughter of writer and director Carlo J. Caparas who is also the assistant director of the movie. The production partner was Viva Films.

Jacqueline Comes Home Movie Plot

Two sisters Jacqueline played by Meg Imperial and Marijoy by Donnalyn Bartolome, their father Dionisio Choing by Joel Torre, and Mother Thelma Chiong by Alma Moreno.

As the crime event was portrayed Gang leader Sonny played by Ryan Eigenmann who kidnaped raped and murdered both sisters with the help of his gang. As the movie goes on Marijoy’s dead body was found but Jacqueline’s body was never discovered.

The film it was successfully highlighted the situation of trauma and grief, the Chiong family was experiencing.

The mother Thelma Chiong, how broke she was by the unfortunate event was well shown by the director. How she waited for her daughters praying to God, even seeking supernatural help! What a family can face and how much can be changed by that kind of unfortunate incident that was well played by veteran actor Joel Torre and Alma Moreno. All those emotional and heartbreaking scenes were perfectly projected with the help of music directed by Emerson Texon. Eighty percent of the movie was shot in beautiful locations of Cebu.

Jacqueline Comes Home Movie Cast

Meg Imperial, Donnalyn Bartolome, Joel Torre, Alma Moreno, Ryan Eigenmann, AJ Muhlach, CJ Caparas, Gab Lagman, Abby Bautista, Jordan Castillo, Wryan Chua, Phoebe Villamor, and many more.

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