House Tour Full Movie (2021)

House Tour is a 2021 Filipino erotic crime thriller heist film written by Juvy Galamiton and directed by Roman Perez Jr. The film stars an ensemble cast that includes Cindy Miranda, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Sunshine Guimary, and Diego Loyzaga among others. It was produced by Viva Films and released exclusively on Vivamax.

The film exposes a lot of “skin” from Miranda and Guimary that others consider a “bold movie”

House Tour Movie Plot

House TourWhen four robbers broke into a house, they decided to stay and party when they discovered that the owners will not be returning soon. But the owner (Rafael Siguion-Reyna) suddenly appeared and stabbed Markus (Mark Anthony Fernandez). One of them shot the owner to death and the group hid inside the house when the police arrived.

Gabby Dizon (Sunshine Guimary), the actress owner of the house and wife of the victim arrived and things got messy when two of the suspects, Elle and Raymond, still live in the house secretly. Elle discovered that Buddy, their accomplish who shot Marko, has an affair with Gabby.

While living secretly inside the house, things get worse when a group of vloggers who are not contented with the police secretly broke into the house.

Five robbers break into an actress’ house but a bloody encounter with the husband leaves two robbers alive. Having no choice, they hide inside the house and discover that everything was planned.

House Tour Movie Cast

Cindy Miranda, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Diego Loyzaga, Sunshine Guimary, Marco Gomez, Rafael Siguion-Reyna, Chad Kinis, Juliana Parizcova, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Liz Alindogan, Raquel Monteza, Abby Bautista

Watch House Tour Full Movie on Vivamax

The full-length version of House Tour is available exclusively on Vivamax.

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