General Admission Full Movie (2021)

General Admission is a 2021 Filipino-language crime drama film directed by Jeffrey Hidalgo and written by Dustin Celestino. The film was produced under Oxxipital, Village Studios, and in association with Provill, and distributed by CineXpress.

General Admission Movie Plot

Katja, a member of the sexy dance group has a wardrobe malfunction on a noontime show. She and her boyfriend, Carlito find themselves at the center of a media circus that eventually results in a brutal and very public murder.

The movie is about the ruthless tendency of the entertainment industry to make a spectacle out of scandal and tragedy. It’s about the lengths people would go, in order to satisfy the insatiable bloodlust of their audience.

General Admission Cast

Nanette Inventor, Rosanna Roces, Archi Adamos, Mailes Kanapi, Vangie Labalan, Rener Concepcion, Pontri Bernardo, Lian Renz Silverio, Thea Marabut, Jessica Marco

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