Double Barrel Full Movie (2017)

Double Barrel is a Filipino action film directed by Toto Natividad and written by himself and Willy Laconsay.

Starring AJ Muhlach and Jeric Raval, the film was panned by critics due to its lack of substance and sense and did not do well at the box office.

Double Barrel Plot

Based on the current drug war by President Rodrigo Duterte against drug traffickers, the film tells the story of the lives of an impoverished young couple who is working as gun runners and hired killers.

Double Barrel Cast

AJ Muhlach, Jeric Raval, Phoebe Walker, Ali Khatibi, Oliver Aquino, Caleb Santos, Carlo Lazerna, Dindo Arroyo, Ronald Moreno, Mon Confiado, Richard Manabat, Bob Sy, Leon Miguel, Jon Romano, Ruben Fernandez

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