Di Mapigil Ang Init Full Movie (1995)

Di Mapigil Ang Init is a 1995 Filipino crime-thriller film directed by Toto Natividad and stars Jestoni Alarcon and Rosanna Roces in leading roles. The film was produced and distributed by Seiko Films.

Di Mapigil Ang Init Plot

The story revolves around the life of Jenny, a sex worker who, after several of her colleagues were murdered by a serial killer, sought the help of a police officer to protect her. Jenny eventually fell in love with Sarhento (Jestoni Alarcon) while trying to protect her despite Sarhento was previously no interested in women like Jenny.

Di Mapigil Ang Init Cast

Jestoni Alarcon, Rosanna Roces, Miguel Rodriguez, Eddie Gutierrez, Rosemarie Gil, Jovit Moya, Sylvia Sanchez, Cris Daluz, Emil Estrada, Rey Flores, Tony Mabesa

Di Mapigil Ang Init Full Movie Trailer

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