Dead Kids Full Movie (2019)

Dead Kids is a 2019 Filipino crime thriller film directed by Mikhail Red and was released on Netflix on December 1, 2019. The film premiered earlier during Cinema One Originals closing ceremony last November 17, 2019.

It was written by The Red Brothers: Nikolas Red and Mikhail Red himself and produced by Pelikula Red, Globe Studios, and Netflix. The film features a group of ensemble young actors and actresses such as Kelvin Miranda, Sue Ramirez, Khalil Ramos, and more.

Dead Kids Movie Plot

At the start of the film, Mark (played by Kelvin Miranda) is a socially awkward college student who is just barely getting by. Although he has a home, he still feels like he can’t keep up with his peers financially, which in turn leads him to be withdrawn from all the other kids, and he was soon called the ‘dead kid’ at school. Mark has a huge crush on Janina (Sue Ramirez), a consistent A-student, however, the latter seems to be more invested in Chuck (Markus Paterson), the stereotypical rich kid and the school bully.

While practicing for the school’s theatre production, Mark was approached by three schoolmates Charles, Paulo, and Gideon (Vance Larena, Khalil Ramos, and Jan Silverio) who claimed to have suffered from Chuck’s intolerable bullying.

The three propose to kidnap Chuck for revenge while asking for a ransom of P30 million from his father, an affluent drug lord. Mark agrees because apart from the huge amount of money they could get, he sees this as an opportunity to win Janina over. The four of them execute their revenge with Charles as the mastermind, however, Gideon points out that their lack of planning would only set them up for failure, or probably much worse.

Dead Kids Movie Cast

The cast includes Kelvin Miranda, Vance Larena, Khalil Ramos, Jan Silverio, Markus Paterson, Sue Ramirez, Gabby Padilla, Ku Aquino, Allan Villafuerte, Rowena Concepcion, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Juan Pablo Pineda, Jude Matthew Servilla, John Vincent Servilla, Kych Minemoto and more.

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