Citizen Jake Full Movie (2018)

Citizen Jake is a 2018 Filipino noir-crime drama film starring Atom Araullo in his movie debut. Mike De Leon served as the film’s writer, producer, and director. This crime film starred notable Filipino film stars such as Cherie Gil, Gabby Eigenmann, Nonie Buencamino, and Dina Bonnevie.

Produced by Cinema Artist Philippines and distributed by Solar Pictures, this marks De Leon’s 11th feature film since 1999’s “Bayaning Third World.”

Citizen Jake Movie Plot

Jake Herrera is played by Atom Araullo, a journalist and an estranged son of Senator Jacobo Herrera, who is a close companion of the Marcoses. Jake’s elder brother, Roxie, is a congressman and aspiring senator.

To avoid a conflict of interest, Jake departs the newspaper he works for and becomes a teacher in Baguio instead. In there, Jake builds a life with his girlfriend and fellow teacher Mandy, while living in his mother’s inherited house with its caretakers. In order to practice his previous profession, Jake keeps a blog exposing the dirty world of politics.

When one of Mandy’s students died from rape, Jake follows the circumstances surrounding the innocent girl’s death. His investigation led to a series of brutal revelations of corruption and family secrets that he was oblivious to. In a time where injustice comes alive, Jake must go back to confront the demons he ran away from.

Citizen Jake Movie Cast

Atom Araullo​, ​Teroy Guzman​, ​Cherie Gil​, ​Gabby Eigenmann​, ​Adrian Alandy​, ​Nonie Buencamino​, ​Max Collins​, ​Lou Veloso​, ​Dina Bonnevie​, ​Richard Quan​, ​Victor Neri​, Nanding Josef​, and many more.

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