Annabelle Huggins Story Ruben Ablaza Tragedy Mea Culpa Movie (1995)

Annabelle Huggins Story Ruben Ablaza Tragedy Mea Culpa stars Dawn Zulueta as Filipina 60s actress Annabelle Huggins and Cesar Montano as Ruben Ablaza, a jeepney driver who abducted and raped her.

This blockbuster true-to-life story film is produced by Viva Films and Golden Lions Films and directed by Carlo J Caparas, and also features another actress rape victim Maggie de la Riva as Annabelle’s mother.

Annabelle Huggins Story Ruben Ablaza Tragedy Plot Summary

The start of the movie shows a short clip of Ruben Ablaza (Cesar Montano) raping 19-year old Annabelle Huggins (Dawn Zulueta) in 1962. Then, flashback scenes show how Ruben started to be obsessed with Annabelle when she was still working in a billiard hall after she stopped from high school. Ruben is a known troublemaker in their area and has two friends Rannie (Mat Ranillo III) and Ikong (Rico J Puno).

Based on the movie, on October 13, 1962, Ruben kidnapped Annabelle from the billiard hall with help of Rannie and Ikong and brought her to Hagonoy, Bulacan, Ablaza’s hometown, and eventually raped her. Several days later, cops arrived and rescued Huggins and arrested Ablaza. Both of them appeared in a dramatic court trial where there was no evidence showing that Ruben raped Annabelle.

As a defense, Ruben insisted that he and Annabelle are lovers and that he did not rape her. To hide from Ruben, Annabelle moved to Makati. But on March 22, 1963, Ruben abducted her again and raped her again. But this time, he tried to court her and even offered her marriage. Ablaza was arrested again and Annabelle told the judge every detail of the incident, and he was proven guilty. Annabelle then moved on with her life and became an actress.


* In real life, the real names of Ruben’s two friends are Lauro Ocampo and Jose “Totoy Pulis” Leoncio.

* At the end of the movie, Cesar Montano visited the real Ruben Ablaza, at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, where he has been in jail for 25 years. There, Cesar gave Ruben a photo of Annabelle and Ruben kissed it.

Annabelle Huggins Story Ruben Ablaza Tragedy Mea Culpa Cast

Dawn Zulueta, Cesar Montano, Maggie de la Riva, Robert Arevalo, Mat Ranillo III, Evangeline Pascual, Rico J Puno, Malu Barry, Estrella Kuenzler, Augusto Victa, Maj Romeo Peña, Fred Moro, Benjie Felipe, Karen Zamora, Resty Alvarez, Jethro Ramirez, Pete Principe, Kristine Zablan, Charlie V Lozo, Camille de la Riva, Precious Valencia, Nini Jacinto, Ros Matienzo, Jun Lalin, Joe Lad Santos and many more.

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