Ang Halimaw Full Movie (2020)

Ang Halimaw is a 2020 Filipino crime-drama film directed by Emmanuel Q. Palo and written by Jim Flores. The film was produced by Cinemalaya Foundation.

Ang Halimaw Plot

A group of underground activists takes a 10-year old boy under their wing, while he waits to be reunited with his parents who are high-value targets by Marcos’military.

Following the arrest of a cadre, a boy gets uprooted from what he considers home and finds himself under the care of underground activists. The boy is the son of a high-ranking couple in the militant movement. There he must wait it out, looking forward to getting a glimpse of his parents who are high on the military’s list.

Ang Halimaw Cast

We don’t have the record of the cast for this movie yet.

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