Adan Full Movie (2019)

Adan is a 2019 Filipino romantic thriller film directed by Roman Perez and written by Yam Laranas.

Laranas, the filmmaker behind “Balahibong Pusa” (2001), “Hibla,” (2002), “Sigaw” (2004),  and “Aurora” (2018), is still on the mix After almost two decades at the helm, the talented storyteller/filmmaker is out to prove he’s far from done in either genre, combining both the romantic thriller “Adan.”

Adan Movie Plot

A naive provincial girl finds a way to get ahold of her independence through the help of her girl’s best friend. But their actions have nerve-shattering consequences.

Adan sees Ellen (Escaño) and Marian (Miranda) grow up together as best friends. For Ellen, in particular, her bond with Marian is the only thing that brings her happiness, as she yearns to be free from the clutches of her father, Amang Lucas (Bembol Roco), and their impoverished life in the countryside.

When her dream comes true, she hungrily lives a life of excitement with Marian and their closeness soon develops into a sexually charged romance. Will the romance last?

Adan Movie Cast

Cindy Miranda, Rhen Escano, Jeffrey Quizon, Raffy Tejada, Ruby Ruiz, Raul Morit, Jiad Arroyo, Phoebe Villamor, Maui Taylor, Bembol Roco,

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