Wild Little Love Full Movie (2019)

Wild Little Love is a Filipino teen romantic film starring Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin as lead roles.

This is the debut film of the onscreen love team, Brillantes, and Fedelin following the success of their afternoon drama soap ‘Kadenang Ginto.’ Wild Little Love which is directed by Benedict Mique and under Dreamscape Entertainment and Lonewolf Films productions is exclusively aired on iWant, an online streaming platform.

Wild Little Love Movie Plot

Andrea Brillantes who plays Sam in the film is a spoiled and entitled only child while Seth Fedelin who plays Jake comes from a poverty-stricken household. They live in two opposite worlds- one is up at a tower, while the other is at the bottom.

But a twist of fate will bring them closer. Because of Sam’s wild and unruly behavior, her father Luis played by Alfred Vargas sends her to a public school as a punishment.

Ripped-off of privileges, Sam tries to survive in a totally different environment. There she meets the poor ‘chick boy’ Jake who will turn out to be her savior in her little wild world. Inevitably, their two different worlds collide, and an unlikely romance ensues between them.

However, their lifestyle differences and economic status come between their relationship. Sam and Jake will face the struggles of defending their relationship with the people around them, even questioning if what they feel towards each other is right.

Does love between two people from opposite worlds always end up in tragedy? In their wild little world, will love ever win?

Wild Little Love Movie Cast

Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Carmina Villaroel, Alfred Vargas, Victor Neri, Jindric Macapagal, Criza Ta-a and many more.

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