Videoke King Full Movie

Videoke King Movie stars Robin Padilla and Concert Queen Pops Fernandez and is about a man who loves to sing but is always out of tune and an interior designer who awkwardly falls in love with him.

Videoke KingProduced by Star Cinema and directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, this romantic comedy film features a very different kind of Robin Padilla, far different from his other roles in hard-action movies, and love stories as well.

Videoke King Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Robin Padilla plays King, a baduy (out-of-fashion) man who loves to sing despite having an offbeat tune. He is engaged to Ningning (Monique del Mar), an OFW in Thailand working as a hotel receptionist, and is building their house for their future. To help him, Ningning asked her interior designer cousin Lally (Pops Fernandez) to work with King for their house. She also requested Lally to buy him a birthday present.

When Lally met King, she has no reason to like him. First, he dresses out of fashion. Second, his singing voice is loud and a pain in the ears, but always gets a high score in videoke. But later, she realizes that King is a gentleman and is willing to do everything just to please her girlfriend. Lally and King started to become friends and secretly fall in love with each other. But besides Lally has a boyfriend, what about her cousin Ningning?

Videoke King Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Pops Fernandez, Gabe Mercado, Victor Neri, Monique Del Mar, Mel Kimura, Pocholo Montes, Tom Hines, Pretty Trizsa, Shirley Dungca, Ana Rosales, Boy Roque, Paul Gutierrez, Moroski Padilla, June Hidalgo, July Hidalgo, Leechard Sicangco, James Sicangco , Zaldy Castillo, Bimbo Ong, Jonnel Cruz, and many more.

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