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Unli Life Movie stars Vhong Navarro and Wynwyn Marquez and is an official entry to the 2018 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Film festival.

Unli Life Produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Miko Livelo, this magical romantic comedy movie is about a man who drinks a magical whiskey that would allow him to time-travel hoping to correct his earlier mistakes in life, so he could win back the girl he truly loves.

Unli Life Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with Benedict (Vhong Navarro) being dumped by his girlfriend Victoria (Winwyn Marquez), at the very same moment he plans to propose marriage to her.

Desperately and being hopeless, he walks to nowhere until he found a bar, where the bartender Mang Saro (Joey Marquez) is offering a whiskey, claiming that if someone drinks it, it will serve as a time travel machine. Believing that it is true, Benedict drinks it.

In the process, Benedict went back to the different eras in history via very funny situations. This includes the time of Adam and Eve, the Stone Age, the Philippine Revolution during the time of Andres Bonifacio (Jhong Hilario), the Japanese Occupation, among others.

So obviously, a huge part of this film was inspired by the iconic Hollywood movie “Back to the Future,” and some spoofs. But in the end, will he be able to win back Victoria’s heart?

Unli Life Movie Cast

Vhong Navarro, Wynwyn Marquez, Joey Marquez, Ejay Falcon, Donna Cariaga, Jon Lucas, Alex Calleja, Isabella De Leon, Kamille Filoteo, Red Ollero, Jun Urbano, Jun Sabayton, James Caraan, Jet Leyco, Anthony Andres, Dimples Romana, Joem Bascon, Jhong Hilario, Bella Mercado, and many more.

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