Two Love You Full Movie (2019)

Two Love You is a Filipino comedy-romance film released on November 13, 2019, with lead actors and actress Yen Santos, Lassy Marquez, MC Calaquian, Dyosa Pockoh, and Kid Yambao.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Benedict Mique which he also wrote along with Ogie Diaz and Carlo Baltazar Ventura, this is the second movie together of Lassy Marquez and MC Calaquian in the film “Beauty and the Bestie” in 2015

Two Love You Movie Plot

In the movie, Lassy Marquez plays Reggie, Yen Santos plays Emma, MC Calaquian plays MC Muah and Kid Yambao plays Winston. Reggie is a beauty salon owner, he is with MC Muah and Dyosa Pockoh, who also helps in the salon.

Reggie is a kind-hearted gay who is always willing to help those who are in need. His big heart is his strength. While Emma, on the other hand, one of Reggie’s close friends who stay frequently in his salon, has her irresistible charms.

Reggie treated Emma like his own sister. Then one day, their friendship was put to the test. This is all because of Winston, the guy they both fell in love with. Reggie did everything for Winston to like him back, he thought of ways for Winston to look at him the same way he looks at him.

He bought him expensive shoes and even a house for Winston to live in. Unfortunately, Winston has feelings for Emma. Both have been dating for a while, which broke Winston’s heart. This leads Reggie and Emma into a fight. Yet in the end, Winston still chose Emma regardless of all the help Reggie has offered Winston.

Reggie was indeed devastated but with Reggie’s love for Emma, he set aside his own matters for his friend. He accepted the reality and forgave Winston and Emma.

Two Love You Movie Cast

Yen Santos, Lassy Marquez, Kid Yambao, MC Calaquian, Dyosa Pockoh, Arlene Muhlach, Elaine Yu, Marissa Sanchez

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