The Hopeful Romantic Full Movie

The Hopeful Romantic Movie stars Pepe Herrera and Ritz Azul. Produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Topel Lee, this rom-com (romantic comedy) movie with a touch of naughtiness is about a man who met a mysterious woman whom he thinks loves him. But in reality, she is only a gold digger.

The Hopeful RomanticThe Hopeful Romantic Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Pepe Herrera plays Jesus Prominente, a 33-year old honest Valet Parking Attendant at The Manila Hotel.

His parents Tatay Koks (Bodjie Pascua) and Mommy Ming (Beverly Salviejo) always advise him to give his “virginity” only to a woman he truly loves. On the other hand, Ritz Azul plays Veronica, a gorgeous but mysterious and liberated woman whom Jesus had a love at first sight.

Jesus and Veronica started to get along, and she gave him the “first time” he ever dreamed of. But because he does not confident about his physical appearance, Jesus pretended to be rich, which Veronica took advantage of.

They went on luxurious dates Jesus bought expensive things for her. But because no one can hide a secret forever, Veronica discovers the truth. Now, will she decide to leave Jesus or to stay with him?

The Hopeful Romantic Movie Cast

Pepe Herrera, Ritz Azul, Johnny Revilla, DJ Durano, Jenine Desiderio, Atoy Co, Nikko Natividad, Paeng Sudayan, Wacky Kiray, Alora Sasam, Michelle Liggayu, Kelvin Miranda, Beverly Salviejo, Bodjie Pascua, Vangie Labalan, Donna Cariaga, and many more.

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