Stranded Full Movie (2019)

Stranded is a 2019 Filipino drama romance film that stars Arjo Atayde, Jessy Mendiola, Gretchen Ho, Miggy Marty, and Mich LiggayuProduced by Regal Films and Largavista Entertainment, directed by Ice Idanan, and written by Easy Ferrer and Jeps Gallon.

The movie was released last April 10, 2019, the screen time for this movie was 89 minutes and the movie was rated PG 13. This is the first time that Jessie and Arjo are teaming up on the big screen.

Stranded Plot

In the movie Stranded, Spencer, (Arjo Atayde) is a go-getter delivery boy for Healthy Eats Diets and Julia, (Jessy Mendiola) is a workaholic pretty IT executive in a general merchandise warehouse. The two got stranded inside a warehouse due to a heavy typhoon Ligaya when it crossed Metro Manila.

With no one else to keep them company but for themselves, the two soon got comfortable with each other and turn the place into an unlikely safe haven for spontaneous conversations about life and aspirations. With this unexpected intimate setup, the attraction is bound to happen between the two. While stranded, the two learn more about each other’s lives, and soon will also learn some things about themselves and their feelings.

With the rains and floods outside and the power outage inside, Spencer entertains Julia to keep their minds off their scary predicament. They put up a tent and talked for hours about how Julia was so engrossed with her goals and how Spencer was all laid back with all his beliefs about women.

At the end of the movie, the final scene simply came from completely out of nowhere with no proper setup at all, as if just appended as an afterthought.

Stranded Cast

Jessy Mendiola, Arjo Atayde, Miko Raval, Michelle Liggayu, Gretchen Ho, PinkyAmador, Johnny Revilla, Cheska Iñigo, Miggy Marty and Kayla Heredia, and more

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