Stars Versus Me Full Movie (2015)

Stars Versus Me is a 2015 Philippine romantic-comedy film written by Joven Tan and directed by Tan and Cleo Paglinawan. It stars Rita Avila, Kiray Celis, and Matet De Leon among others. The film was produced and distributed by Tandem Entertainment

Stars Versus Me Plot

Elena is a young girl brought up by a horoscope-addicted mother to have her life dictated by signs and omens.

When Elena’s mother dies in a fire, she decides to wage war on the stars by doing the exact opposite of what her daily horoscope is dictating.

Stars Versus Me Cast

Rita Avila, Kiray Celis, Matet De Leon, Jenine Desiderio, Simon Ibarra, Arlene Muhlach, Dennis Padilla, Manolo Pedrosa, Maris Racal

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