Silly Red Shoes Full Movie (2019)

Silly Red Shoes is an original iWant film released exclusively on the online streaming platform in November 2019. This romantic comedy (‘rom-com’) with James Robin Mayo at the helm, is produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and Spring Films.

It is written by Paolo Valoncha and Che Espiritu and stars up-and-coming matinee idols Francine Diaz as Ashley and Kyle Echarri as Chuck. The two form the budding celebrity love team ‘KyCine’ in real life and are being built up by ABS-CBN as two of its future prime stars.

Silly Red Shoes Plot

In the movie, Chuck, a soft-spoken and creative shoemaker aspires to keep his family’s fallen shoe business in the black by joining the local shoemaking contest. He then asks his ‘weird-footed’ but charming friend Ashley to be his model for the contest. Reluctant at first, Ashley agreed to help out a friend.

While winning the contest proved to be a daunting task as a lot is at stake, getting Ashley’s best ‘foot’ forward (pun intended) in the contest shaped to be the bigger challenge as finding the perfect pair is nearly impossible with her “alien feet”. Every pair that Chuck makes does not fit Ashley’s weird feet, but this just brings the two much closer.

With every pair Chuck makes and Ashley tries, they slowly discover what they really mean to each other, but then, they also unearth a mystery about a red pair of shoes that always matches Ashley’s ever-changing shoe size. Will this mysterious pair walk them to success and even possibly into something more than friendship or will it unglue everything they worked for and their budding romance?

Silly Red Shoes Cast

Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, Herbert Bautista, Anna Luna, Karen Reyes, Althea Ruedas, Paolo O’Hara, Sarah Pagcaliwagan, Mae Ann Reyes, Royce Cabrera, Chamyto Aguedan, Ube Lola, Camille Eusebio, Jhonell Fajardo, Matthew Lorenzo

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