Scorpio Nights 2 Full Movie (1999)

Scorpio Nights 2 is a 1999 romantic thriller Filipino film directed by Erik Matti which starred Albert Martinez as Andrew Sales, a Physics professor, and Joyce Jimenez as Valerie Martin, a university student.

Produced by Viva Films and Serafim Productions, Scorpio Nights 2 is a standalone sequel of Scorpio Nights which was produced in 1985 and directed by Peque Gallaga who also co-wrote Scorpio Nights 2.

Scorpio Nights 2 Movie Plot

Albert Martinez plays Andrew Sales, a meticulous Physics college instructor. His meticulousness borders to obsession, from the way he dresses to the manner he delivers his lectures. He was deliberate in his actions and had his life in proper order.

Joyce Jimenez plays Valerie Martin, a 17-year-old college student who was transferred from another school by her older sister to steer her away from her ex-boyfriend.

Andrew first saw Valerie in the college library during course registration. He slowly developed a lustful attraction to her which Valerie subtly encouraged. Despite repeated reminders from the university management, Andrew gave in to Valerie. Thus, began their relationship.

When the university found out that Andrew was involved with Valerie, Andrew broke up with Valerie to save his job. While it was hard for Valerie to accept the breakup at first, she accepted and walked away.

Scorpio Nights 2 Movie Cast

Albert Martinez, Joyce Jimenez, Daisy Reyes, Janus Del Prado, Manny Castaneda, Bibeth Orteza, Jaime Fabregas, Carmel Osmena, Cherry Pie Picache, Luciano B. Carlos, Mel Kimura, John Arceo, Carlito Abrasia, Maricor Fortun, Gary Marzo, Roy Iranzo and many more.

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