Papa Pogi Full Movie (2019)

Papa Pogi is a 2019 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Teddy Corpuz, Donna Cariaga, and Myrtle Sarrosa. This is Teddy Corpuz’s very first lead role in a movie.

This movie was designed to crack as many jokes as possible to make the audience laugh. It is written and directed by Alex Calleja. The film was produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. in 2019.

Papa Pogi Plot

In the movie, Romeo (Teddy Corpuz) is an odd-looking guy who is plagued with looking charismatic in the eyes of gorgeous women. His family is cursed to always have ugly male babies when they marry beautiful women.

As he is the last hope of their family to lift the curse, his sick father (Joey Marquez) and his older brother (Jugz Jugueta) asked him to date less attractive women.

To put his family’s worries to rest, he enlists the help of his assistant, Venus (Donna Cariaga) a very plain lady with no distinctive feature, and secretly adores him to become his girlfriend. As the story progresses, they fall in love. Apart from Romeo feeling ashamed to admit that he fell for someone less appealing when all his life he’s been chased by pretty women.

Papa Pogi Cast

Teddy Corpuz, Myrtle Sarrosa, Donna Cariaga, Joey Marquez, Lassy Marquez, Nonong Ballinan, Dawn Chang, Zeus Collins, Luke Conde, Nikko Natividad, Michelle Liggayu, Lexi Gonzales, Krista Miller, Moi Marcampo, Victor Anastacio, GB Labrador, Alex Calleja, Israel Buenaobra, Rica Marie Arbizo, James Caraan, Alma Moreno, Dumbo, Andrea Bernal, Charm Labindao, Donna Pangilinan, Enabel Cruz, Ella Niebres, Justine Verla Belleza, Kojie Kikuchi, Kristal Davad, Mavel Bernardez, Mayo Okawa, Micaela Medina, Micah Salongga, Nerisa Galo, Rain Orian, Reyie Ibanez, Rodgie Edward Salongga, Sharia Valeries, Shane Mag-abo, Spela Mercado, Elsa Droga, Khei Perlaoan, Kristine Ybardolaza, Margiona Dona Lopez, Matmat Centino, Odessa Jones, Princess Khim Santillan, Rianne Azares and many more.

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