My Bakit List Full Movie (2019)

My Bakit List is a 101-minute Filipino romance-drama film about a multitude of whys chronically breaking the mind of a writer.

Released on December 11, 2019, Germaine de Leon as Ejay, the returning boyfriend, and Prince Stefan as her gay friend Brutus as a supporting cast. Produced by Vincent del Rosario III and Lyn Fajardo, the major setting is in today’s Ilocos Region

My Bakit List Movie Summary

Dess is the sole breadwinner who gives all her time, effort, dreams, and even needed sleep for the family although she is simply a daughter to an irresponsible father and siblings. She neglects and eventually gives her job and love life up for family demands. But she fails and even turns out to be at fault.

Her whys drive her to Ilocos with her gay friend Brutus for answers before she loses her mind. But she finds neither the answers nor mental wholeness but a returning boyfriend who left her without any explanation. Her whys mount further.

Is this an answer to her burning questions? His disappearance without enlightenment alone is a big why. But it is a momentary deviation as it promises at least an answer to the many whys. Nonetheless, answers must be found quickly, and before she loses even the instinct and rage to ask all the whys.

My Bakit List Movie Cast

Louise de Los Reyes, Germaine de Leon, Prince Stefan

My Bakit List Full Trailer

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