My Amanda Full Movie (2021)

My Amanda is a Philippine romance-drama film starring Piolo Pascual and Alessandra de Rossi. It was also written and directed by the latter. The film was produced by Spring Films and was exclusively distributed by Netflix.

My Amanda Movie Plot

Two unusually close friends share every aspect of their lives together. As their lives evolve, their bond remains the only constant.

My Amanda is a tale about two best friends who have a very intimate bond, TJ, and Amanda. They’re so close in fact, they don’t bat an eyelid at seeing the other naked.

Amanda’s Nana is convinced they should get together while the best friends simply laugh off any of these suggestions. Both have their own romantic endeavors and issues though. Amanda is still hung up over her ex Kelvin while TJ has been unable to settle down with a long-term relationship.

Will Amanda and TJ find true love elsewhere? Or are they destined to be together?

My Amanda Movie Cast

Alessandra de Rossi, Piolo Pascual

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The full-length feature film is available on Netflix

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