MOMOL Nights Full Movie (2019)

MOMOL Nights is a Filipino romantic comedy film with Kim Molina and Kit Thompson wherein they starred as a love team. Produced by Dreamscape Digital and Lonewolf Films and this is their first lead roles together in a movie

MOMOL Nights Movie Plot

In the story, Kim Molina plays Peng who believes in sex as a sacred act while Kit Thompson plays as Marco an artist, who Peng thinks is the ideal guy she needs for her lonely nights.

They met in a fateful encounter, and as Peng’s friends dared her for a MOMOL (Make Out Lang) journey she eventually thinks that this is the total stranger for her MOMOL journey.

This movie is based on a woman who is trying to move on from her unsuccessful relationships. Her circle of friends encouraged her to do something to forget her bitter past. She seek her friends’ help and set rules on how to prepare herself for being a MOMOL: make sure to be MOMOL-ready, have a guy who is at the right age, and never ever sleeps with a cheater.

As Marco enters her life, she learned the last rule from him. Never get emotionally involved. This is the last rule she learned from her this strange guy after she failed relationships that made her MOMOL ready.

MOMOL Nights Movie Cast

Starring Kim Molina, Kit Thompson, Emmanuelle Vera, Prince Stefan, Kate Alejandrino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Patty Mendoza, Marco Gomez, Jim Morales, Benj Manalo, Bill Barrinuevo, Badkiss, Christine Joy Magsino, Jonnelson Masoud and many more.

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