Mia Full Movie (2020)

Released on January 15, 2020, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Veronica Velasco, Mia is a Filipino romantic-comedy that offers a fresh pairing between Coleen Garcia and Edgar Allan De Guzman who respectively play Mia Salazar, a doctor, and Jay Policarpio, a nerdy forester.

Mia Movie Plot

A romantic comedy film about a doctor Mia Salazar and a nerdy forester Jay Policarpio. Jay, who transforms mined-out land into rainforests, pursues the self-destructive alcoholic, Mia, who recently joined the government’s Doctor To The Barrios program to heal from the tragedy of her fiance’s death.

Mia Movie Cast

Yûki Kaji, Kent Cheng, Ayane Sakura, Coleen Garcia, Wynwyn Marquez, Yuki Mamiya, Alice Hirose, Yuki Morita, Ryûsei Nakao, Edgar Allan Guzman, Rina Takeda, Shirô Sano, Junko Minagawa, Hiroki Touchi, Hio Miyazawa,

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